A weekend of ups and downs...

This past weekend was lots of fun... but there were some serious emotional highs and lows!

The ladies brunch

Brunch for Wishes - centrepieces (pretty, huh?)
After weeks (mmm... months) of planning I finally held my "ladies only" brunch fundraiser at the Bifthèque restaurant in Boucherville. I was very happy with how things came together and the "feel" of the event - and was incredibly touched by the lovely ladies who came out, offered their support and words of encouragement. You can read more about it by clicking here.

The brunch was all cleaned up by 1:30 p.m. on Saturday... leaving us plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful weather with the girls - and head out to a BBQ in Ville St-Laurent. The BBQ was fun... but as we got ready to leave - we had the "down" moment of our weekend. For about 10 minutes we could not find Layla.

Where's Layla?

Convinced that she was hiding somewhere because she didn't want to leave, I took my time gathering our stuff and saying my good-byes. I went to look for her in the house... she wasn't there. Brandon went looking around front... she wasn't there... I went back in the backyard...

Panic was setting in. Brandon dropped our stuff and went looking. With Meaghan in my arms, I raced back to the front and then again to the back. I could feel my heart beating like it was going to come right out of my chest. All I could think was "This can't be happening to me... I can't be that Mom... I don't want this to be my story...". Soon several of the bbq guests were looking for Layla with us... one guy jumped into his car to start driving around the neighborhood and others ran from backyard to backyard. I yelled "Layla, Layla, sweetie, Layla where are you?" over and over.  Meaghan echoed my calls "LAyla, Ayla, Ayla". Finally a few people took off running around the corner - they had spotted her, poor little thing, a few houses down, standing on the sidewalk and crying "Mama"...

Be still my heart. Breathe. She's there. She's okay. Nobody took her away.

I passed Meaghan off to the nearest person and ran to pull Layla into my arms - Tears of relief covering both of our cheeks. Everyone had a good scare. It didn't take long before she was looking for her Dadda too. He took her into his arms, and I accepted the comforting hugs from those nearby.

The next time we go anywhere - I am tying her to me (well maybe not, but you know what I mean).

It's hard not to think of the what if's or to be beat myself up for not worrying sooner - but in the end, I'm just happy that she was only around the corner, and that we found her. The new rule to enforce will be: "you don't have to be beside me all the time, but you have to be able to see me - you can't go further than that. If you can't see me, call for me".

Thankfully our weekend didn't end on that note...

Sunday BBQ

On our way home from church on Sunday I turned to Brandon and said "we should call around and see if anyone is up for a BBQ tonight - it's just too nice of a day to not do something". Some might call me crazy for adding another activity to my already packed weekend, but there was something nice about having a few friends over, cooking and baking in my kitchen (just for fun), and enjoying a relaxing evening with good food.

Setting everything up in the backyard made it feel like a "real bbq"
(whatever that means!)
For a spontaneous BBQ, it was easiest to throw together a couple salads (my famous caesar salad and a pasta salad from my trusty Betty Crocker basics cookbook, pick up some corn (which is in season and totally delicious!), and ask people to bring their own meat. 

Meaghan enjoying her corn and saying "cheese" for the camera

No "event", no matter how informal, is complete without dessert. I checked what I had on hand and decided on a peach/strawberry crisp and ice cream sundaes for the kids. The peach crisp was PERFECT - a real hit... and no kid I know says no to ice cream with chocolate or caramel sauce and bananas!

Recipes will come... eventually :-)

After the kids were put to bed and the kitchen was cleaned - I counted my money.

Fundraising for Summit for Wishes has officially passed the $11 000 mark (that's almost 70%). I'm thrilled. obviously.


Jessica said...

It's amazing to hear about how well the fundraising is going! Good for you!

Also – that feeling of losing your child is so awful. My older son once "disappeared" in a department store when he was two. When I started calling his name and asking other people if they had seen him, a woman found him hiding behind a rack of clothes.

He was just having fun! Me, no.

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