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My very own TEN30

A couple of years ago a new shopping and residential area filled what was a large field at the intersection of highway TEN and highway THIRTY. Today, the DIX30 (or TEN30) is a trendy place to shop (and live) and is still growing with new commences, restaurants, condos, mansions, etc. building up and around.

There’s really no connection to the shopping experience or restaurants… but with my 30th birthday coming in October 2011, I’m thinking it’s time to undertake my very own TEN30 project.

I made this decision while I was climbing and living on my mountain… (What? you didn’t know Kilimanjaro was my mountain? :-) Well... this is how Layla is always referring to it… so now I do too!).

Anyways, I don’t remember if it was before or after reaching the summit that I thought of it… but basically my idea is this:

Every month from now (January) until my birthday (October), I want to challenge myself to do something that I’ve never done before. It doesn’t need to be big or fancy, I’ve already climbed ONE mountain this year (!) - but it has to be something new, and maybe even something that scares me a little.

January is obviously all taken care of (despite the fact that I was NOT planning this) with climbing Kilimanjaro for the first time. Not to mention that… I’ve never (1) visited Tanzania, (2) climbed higher than 6,288 ft (that’s Mt-Washington, the highest peak in the North-Eastern United States), (3) gone without a shower for 10 days … and as you can imagine, the list of “firsts” could go on.

This month (February) I’m going to visit a high end salon in Montreal and get a new look. I’ve had my hair cut before, so that’s no big deal, but the “first time” experience still fits because I’ll be donating my pony tail to locks of love. My hair was looking particularly good yesterday, so trust me, there is definitely an element of sacrifice to this small gesture. I’ve been joking that I’m going short and blond – which would be a huge change – but we’ll wait and see what they (my very own colorist and stylist!) suggest when I meet them this morning (yes today!)

The next 8 months remain TBD… but I’m hoping to cap off my 30th year with first sky diving experience. Cliché? Maybe a little. Thrilling? Uh… yeah! Scary? Well of course… that’s part of the thrill, right?

If you have any ideas for something new to try – let me know!


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