Dear Meaghan

Dear Meaghan,

You turned 6 months last weekend. I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone by since you were born. I can no longer imagine my life with only one child... and without you in it.

My sweet little Meggie-Moo. I'm not sure how you got that nickname (well that's not completely true, I'm almost sure that it comes from the fact that we called your sister "Layla-Lou") but it's stuck. Half of the time I call you Meaghan and the other half you're my "sweetie", my "meggie", my "meggie-moo", and of course my "little monkey"!

It's so hard not to compare you to your sister. And it's so amazing how different you are from her. I appreciate that so much. I feel like I'm living something completely different in your first year than I did in hers. And I can honestly say that both experiences have been / are incredible!

So now that I've spent just over 1/2 a year being your Mom...

I specifically choose not to count the time that you were growing inside it conjures too many negative emotions. Don't get me wrong, it was a blessing and I'm happy that I experienced it... but I have much... MUCH preferred bringing you into the world (yes... I prefer labour to pregnancy!) and figuring you out ever since. No more aches and pains. No more varicose veins. No more chronic hip/groin pain. No more nausea and fatigue...

...So back to what I was saying... before I went on a little tangent about how much I LOVE being pregnant... (I totally just need to write a post on it someday and get it all out in the open).

... and I love being your Mom. For so many reasons. So what are you like???

April - May - June

You are beautiful. From the time you were born, everyone has commented on how pretty and feminine you are. I completely agree.

You are serious. Or so people think. I know that you're just very selective about when, where and who you smile for... and you smile A LOT at home and for me.

You're kind of like me. You have my ears (they stick out a little... no one really notices that mine do so I'm sure no one will notice that yours do). You don't like needles (you've already cried more at your first 2 vaccinations than Layla did at all of hers combined). You suck your thumb (it's cute. now. we just need to kick that habit early on... no sucking it in private when you're in your elementary school years!)...

You don't transfer well (ie. stay sleeping from the car to the crib) but you're a great napper.

You laugh at your crazy sister and it's absolutely adorable and sweet and makes my heart swell.

You hated baths when you were first born (for months!) but now you love them. You also hated swimming the first time around. You warmed up to it by the end of the summer.

You love being able to sit on your own. You only started to within the last couple weeks but you much prefer sitting on your own to playing in the exersaucer.

You adore your dad. It's obvious by the way you smile when he comes into your field of vision.

July - August - September

Although you were a noisy newborn... not crying, but lots of grunting... you are actually a very quiet and calm baby now. People have commented that even your crying is now "quiet".

You are now captivated by Reuben (the family dog). If he's close to you, he's sure to get his hair pulled.

You've been chewing on things and drooling like mad since you were about 2 1/2 months old. No teeth yet though.

I swear you're starting to respond to your name. OK OK... maybe it's the sound of my voice, but I'm going to go with you're brilliant and you recognize your name already (!)

You smile soooo big when I start to sing to you. I wonder sometimes if it's because you heard me singing to Layla for every nap and bedtime while I was pregnant with you...

You really seem to enjoy our daily walks. Sometimes a good walk is the only thing that will settle you in the evening... but it doesn't put you to sleep... most of the time.

You've always been a pretty quick eater. When you first born, I was always worried that you weren't drinking enough. As it turns out 5-minute nursing sessions are good enough for you. go figure.


Your favorite food so far seems to be sweet potatoes and/or squash.


That's all I can think of "off the top of my head". Even though you're only 6-months old I know you do so much more than that... and I know that I've already forgotten so much of the beginning (though I do have a journal for that!).

Where Layla is my first for everything, you may be number "2" but never ever less in any way. I treasure all the moments I've had with you and I look forward to all that's to come.

You are my baby now. My sweet little Meaghan.

I love you. We all do.

Mom xx


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