There are sparkles outside!

Yesterday evening I dressed the girls up for our usual after-supper/pre-bedtime dog walk.
Brandon was coaching a basketball game so it was just the girls and me.

It was snowing ever so slightly and it was dark outside. The streetlights were reflecting off the dusting of snow on the street and sidewalk and making the snow shimmer.

Layla was walking ahead of me (Meaghan was tucked snuggly into my baby carrier) making "feet-men" (AKA foot prints) in the small amount of snow that was accumulating on the sidewalk. She was chatting about how there was just "a little" snow... "not a lot" when she stopped walking for a moment and looked around.
"oh mamma... the snow has sparkles on it"

I looked around to see that she was absolutely right. There were sparkles all over the ground!

It is really amazing to see the world through the eyes of a child. It sounds like a cliche but it's true and it's something that I am realizing more and more as Layla gets bigger and makes the oddest and most adorable connections about the world around her.

This is especially true right now - with Christmas coming and holiday preparations in the works.

Layla's was 8 months old for her first Christmas. She enjoyed playing with the wrapping paper and probably had her first taste of chocolate.

She was just over 1 1/2 last year... she recognized Santa (the red suit and beard) and "got" the whole present thing (and had more candy!).

This year she's a "big 2" and is really starting to get more of the magic of the holidays. To a certain extent anyways. She knows that Christmas is coming, she knows that "Santa" is bringing presents. She helped decorate the tree (not to mention her part in baking christmas treats!) and put Reuben's stocking on his actual foot...

While she may not understand the full depth of the true meaning of Christmas, she can sing parts of "Away in a manger" and knows that Jesus slept in a barn and that He loves her.
Watching her discover the world... and discover "Christmas" brings a whole new meaning to phrases like "the faith of a child" for me.

May we all have "child" moments this holiday season...
... and may we all see the "sparkles" when it snows...

P.S. Can't wait to see her reaction when tomorrow's "highly anticipated" snow storm hits!


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