These boots are made for walking...

It's rare that I buy anything "full price".

I'm the girl who browses through the front of the store but does my real shopping at the back - where the sale racks are. I may even have a weird sickness when it comes to getting a deal.

Just before Christmas, Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy developed the perfect sales tactic for people like me. The idea: Give the customer a coupon for 40% off of one item at regular price, the coupon is good on specific dates only (ex: every Wednesday of December). I'm sure it was a huge marketing success and whoever thought of it got a very nice Christmas bonus (well I hope they did anyway!). Needless to say, I was shopping at Banana Republic and Gap much more than normal because of the promotion. 40% off - I was sure to find something that I needed!

This leads me to the story of my new winter boots...

Here they are... these I actually paid full price for at the beginning of December. I needed new boots, I fell in love and I used a gift card to balance it all out in my mind. The icing on the cake is that they're super comfortable. I think they're the first pair of shoes/boots in years that I haven't had trouble breaking in. They instantly molded to my foot - am-A-zing!

So... you can imagine how irritated I was when less than 3 weeks after buying them, I noticed that the stitching was falling apart on one boot? WHAT? I was not only irritated... I was a little sad that my great boots weren't all I thought they were.

For some reason I think that if I pay full price for something it should be better made... doesn't matter months later (or weeks even) the same item might sell at a discounted price...
...there's just something about paying more that make me think I deserve more.

I pumped myself up to go back to the store where I bought them - ready to argue with the salesperson about how I shouldn't have to pay $140 for something that's going to start falling apart in less than a month - ready to ask for my money back... but really just hoping that they would give me a new pair of the same boots.

There was no heated debate. No argument. My furry was efficiently stifled when the sales girl simply took the boots and told me she would send them to be fixed. I'd have them within a couple days. OK - I thought - that's not too bad - AND I'll get my boots back.

When I went to pick them up, the stitching had not been re-done - the seam had been GLUED. I was a little miffed about that but as I hadn't had the time to "pump myself up" I simply smiled, said thank you and was on my way.

But then the glue came unglued - less than 3 days later. RRRRR.

I marched back into the store (2 kids in tow) within a couple hours of noticing. This time I was ready to ask for my money back. I went up to the cash and told the girl flat out -

"This is the second time I'm bringing these back. They were
supposed to be fixed, but the glue didn't work. I either want my money
back or I want a new pair of boots".

Once again... my furry was unnecessary. The salesgirl barely looked at me, went to the back to see if they had any in my size...and when they didn't, she offered to order them and have them shipped directly to my house. Thank you Aldo salesgirl! (and yes... I did thank her in person)

So now I'm on my second pair of "full price" new winter boots.

And so far so good.



Cafe Novo said...

I know exactly what you mean about expecting something to be higher quality when you don't get it on sale!
I usually buy my boots near the end of the season, and then next year have new boots to wear as soon as winter starts. Love me a sale!

Glad to hear they handled it well though.


Aimée said...

You know already I love these boots--I have the same pair

Now I'm worried, but mine seem to be holding up OK.

Cheryl Arkison said...

I don't blame you, those are cool looking boots. I would buy myself a pair, but Aldo doesn't carry 11s for women. Sigh, damn babies making my feet grow!

A. said...

Cheryl - I usually wear a 10, but I got these in 9... maybe the 10s would fit!!! Just putting that out there...

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