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Meaghan's nursery is featured today over at Spearmint Baby.

A few notes about the nursery...
1. This is the second nursery of it's kind. The color scheme and decore is very similar to what we set up for Layla at our old home.
2. Whoever says you can't have a blue room for a girl is mistaken (in my humble opinion - after all there IS blue on the walls in both Layla and Meaghan's rooms).
3. The bedding was hand-made with love by "yours truly" (a.k.a Andrea) after my search through local stores left me uninspired. For material - I cut up a queen-sized duvet cover that I found at IKEA (a design that they don't carry anymore unfortunately).
4. Since the pictures were taken, we've added a nice/soft cream rug and book shelf under the 4 picture frames.

Here are some pictures from BOTH nurseries.


The shelf unit didn't make it into Meaghan's nursery. It's now in the playroom instead...

Our condo design had this little nook... perfect for her crib.

My "IKEA" re-vamped baby bedding!

I found these at IKEA too...


This is Meaghan's special bear - LEO. (Layla's special bear is MO)
They are named after Mozart and Leonardo.

This corner actually looks a little different now.
We've added a book shelf and a footstool (not to mention a super soft carpet)
You can't see them very well, but above the crib to the left there are decals.
Whimsical dragonflies. Very sweet.
Be sure to browse around and check out some of the incredible nurseries and decorating ideas on her blog!


Aimée said...

That's cool! It is very sweet, I always loved your soft whites and blues.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get those super-cure flower lights?

Aurora said...

Such a pretty nursery...we find out friday if our baby #2 is a girl/boy. If it's a girl, this is the exact color scheme I have been planning...I'm bummed the IKEA bedding is no longer available, it's perfect!

A. said...

Aimee - I know... me too!
Anonymous - super cute flower lights are still available at IKEA. I think they're only available in pink now, but I hear they can be spray painted very easily.
Aurora - I know! When I went to make Layla's big girl room I was kind of hoping it would still be available and I could do the same theme and then start from "scratch" for Meaghan's nursery...

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