Doing the dishes with my little helper

It's about 10 a.m.

The dog is walked. Supper is starting to simmer in the crock-pot. I would say that I'm having a pretty productive morning. Yes!

The little one is down for her first nap (which she desperately needs after her first few days of daycare and terrible napping). This is usually the time I devote to Layla... a craft, an activity, some quality one-on-one time with my "big" girl.

One look around the kitchen... do I clean up now? do I wait until lunch?

"Layla... do you want to help me do the dishes?"

It's really the perfect way to spend time with her and get something very practical done at the same time. She loves playing in the water, within 15-20 minutes all of my dishes are done and I have to convince her that it's time to do something else.

Isn't it true that sometimes it's just easier to include our little ones in the things that we need to do? Instead of sticking them in front of the t.v. one more time... or being irritated by the mess that is growing as we put it off to make sure that we get in enough of that essential one-on-one time?
I'm not saying there's never a time to ignore the house work. I do it all the time (!) I'm just saying that it's neat when we can "kill two birds with one stone".
What a productive morning!


Cheryl Arkison said...

We do that all the time! I'm already at the point where my Monster actually does the dishes for me. Of course, I'm not sure how clean they get!
I'm also working on teaching her to vacuum. Seriously.

PS New design looks great!

periwinkle said...

The 2nd photo of Layla doing dishes reminds me very much of my girl when she was "a little one"

A. said...

Thanks Cheryl!
Layla just fills cups up with water over and over again. By the end, everything (including her, the cupboard doors, the floor) is a little wet... but it's quality time for sure :-) Now if only I could get her to fold laundry (and not UNFOLD it) with me!?!?

Aimee said...

Too Cute.
I'd take dish washing, vacuuming, anything over where I currently am!

Love the new look! Pretty spiffy!!

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