Meaghi-Meg's FIRST DAY

... or should I say first couple of hours...

A while ago I wrote a post about the looming end of my year of maternity leave - "...and it's time to say goodbye...".

Well today was Meaghan's first official day of daycare and it went off without a hitch. I didn't even get the chance to cry. (It sure helps that she's with the same woman that Layla was with her first year of daycare, that Layla is just in the next classroom, that it's a great daycare centre and that know and trust the people who work there...)

Meaghan is in a small group and is the only girl. She is also the youngest, but only by a few months. And with her baby blues and strawberry blond "lu-lu's" (french for pigtails) she was a real hit with all those boys!

I don't go back to work for another few weeks so we're doing a slow integration - letting her get used to the new surroundings, hoping that she'll nap in the same room as 4 other napping children, hoping that she loves it all!

Today was a really short first day. With the time change from this past weekend, we all slept in a little this morning. Add that to the fact that I didn't get anything together or sign any of the papers until today - what? it was a busy weekend!?!?! - And add that to the fact that now I'm packing bags for both girls... we didn't actually arrive at the daycare until about 9:30 a.m. and since I was planning on picking them up before lunch, Meaghan was barely there for 2 hours.

Tomorrow I think we'll add lunch to the mix. If I'm paying for daycare I might as well have them fed before I pick them up :-)


Anonymous said...

Just wondering, what is the cost of daycare for you with both girls in daycare.

How are their meals?

Can you supply food if you wanted to?

Just some questions from a dayhome perspective.
good luck with returning to work. xx Mercedes

A. said...

In Quebec we are BLESSED with $7 a day (government regulated) daycare. Just cause they're government regulated doesn't mean they're all amazing but I guess I'm lucky because I got both girls into a really good one with great staff (AND it's at my place of work - if something where to happen - I'm there in less than 2 minutes) - the key was putting my name on the waiting list the minute I knew I was pregnant! ;-)

Snacks and balanced meals are included - though I'm providing formula for Meaghan until she transitions to cow's milk.

I have no idea if I could supply food if I wanted to... I guess as long as there were no allergens?

2 1/2 more weeks... it's crazy how time flies!


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