Painting with Layla

With the new school year around the corner - and Brandon headed back to work full time next week - I am going to be on my own at home with the girls for the first time in a while. I know that this is what most moms are used to (and that I have been very very lucky)... but I have to admit that I am going to miss having him around - whether it's to grab Meaghan for a minute or entertain Layla while I do something else. All that said... I'm a little nervous and feel the need to be at least a little more prepared. I need a plan.

I know, I know... I'm nervous for nothing. For starters I'll only actually be "alone" with both girls a couple of days a week. Layla will be at daycare (for at least part of the day) 3 days a week. This keeps her spot for when I go back to work and will give me a chance to do all the laundry and housework without her "help" :-) AND on top of that - Meaghan is at an incredible age (4 months) where she is napping well and starting to entertain herself but not actually moving anywhere yet... therefore not requiring constant supervision (!) Nevertheless I want to be prepared for the days that I have Layla (my high energy, into everything, toddler) with me all day.

This need for a "plan" led me to my local craft store (with Layla) to purchase some much needed craft supplies. We left with paint, pompoms, feathers, children's scissors, glitter pens, construction paper, etc. I also bought an Usborne activity book for pre-school aged children - "Animal Fun".

Painting is supposed to be fun... and after purchasing all the stuff required to paint at home I was very excited to sit down with Layla and give it a try. Sigh. These are the times where I realize that I have very high expectations of my two-year-old.

"Layla. Watch. You wet the paint brush, you wet the paint, then you paint"

"Don't mix the colors sweetie"

"Layla, what did Mama say?"

"Layla! You have to wash the paint brush before you use a new color!"


It's really very silly. What was supposed to be a fun activity for us to do together while her baby sister was napping turned into a frustrating half hour of me trying to control a toddler with a paint brush! I wanted her to use one paint color at a time, clean her paint brush in between BUT not use too much water... AND paint a picture with more than just one color. Too many rules Mama! I'm sure that's what she was thinking. In the end, I'm not sure I actually taught her anything about my "painting rules" but I still think she had fun. And THAT is what's important.
Next time I'll try and chill a little when she reaches her already blue covered paint brush for the white paint!


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