Hard to think skinny when...

Vacation... or rather... vacation food is totally cramping my "lose weight and get into great shape" plan for summer 2009 (see Where did my body go?). Although we've actually been in vacation mode all summer (I'm on mat leave and Brandon is a teacher) - we spent the last two weekends away from home - eating vacation food. The first weekend was spent at Mt-Tremblant with my husbands family and the other weekend camping at Voyager Provincial Park with friends.

The plan for Tremblant was to bring and make our own food. We rented a condo and didn't spend the whole time eating in restaurants. I thought that would save me... ha! With home-made chocolate chip cookies, chips, crackers and cheese and other tempting snack foods at my finger tips - how could I stay strong? With stops for ice cream or beaver tails... how could I resist? Well - I couldn't. Once I'd had my first few cookies and a couple handfuls of chips I made a conscious decision that my healthy eating resolution would be ignored for the duration of our stay. If you're going to cheat on your diet... you better make it count! When we arrived home on Tuesday afternoon, the eating healthy and exercise regime re-commenced... until Friday afternoon (!)

Camping food is only a problem if you bring the wrong type of food. But for some reason when you're shopping for you camping groceries you can't help but pick up the bag of Doritos, the marshmallows, and other treats that (if you're like me) you don't usually have in the house. Sigh. And then there are the treats that your friends bring to share. Delicious coolers, the fixings for yummy smores and more cookies. Once again, my decision was to cave in and enjoy the typical vacation food (and grab a handful of Doritos every time I went to the car for something!).

It's now Monday and we're back home again. Time to get back to a regime of self-discipline when it comes to what I'm eating for meals (and in between) and the time I'm putting into exercise. I wonder how soon our evening walk will include a trip to the ice cream store? Hey - at least I'm talking about walking to the ice cream store (!)



Aimée said...

Um, I hope you call me for these walks to the ice cream store! It's HOT!

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