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If you have kids or know someone who has kids – you’ve probably witnessed (or perhaps been...) a parent who sees their children through rose coloured glasses. You know who I’m talking about – parents whose kids are only cranky if they’re tired (but they’re always tired?!), who are incredibly smart for their age, and whose whinny fits are “oh so cute, he/she is so assertive”.

From whiny and rude behaviours to changing diapers, being covered in spit up or sneezed on – I’ve realized something.... everything is a little less annoying and a little less gross when it’s coming from your own child. And this works in the opposite direction too. Everything good is just a little bit more good, a little bit more of a big deal... when it’s your own kid. Who knows... maybe it is God’s way of making sure that we love and support our kids no matter how bad or misguided they can be.

Thinking about all this forces me to take a look at myself. Do I see my girls so differently because they’re mine? Am I placing them on pedestals too much of the time? Am I laughing off or excusing behaviours that are driving the people around me crazy? I would like to think that I am above the parental bias that makes a Mom (or Dad) think that their kids are better than they really are or (gasp, dare I say it...) better than other kids. But although I try to steer clear from comments like “isn’t my baby so cute?!” or making excuses like “she’s just tired” - if I am completely honest I have to admit that I can’t help but favour my little angels – even when they’re bad, they’re kind of cute (right...) Sigh.

While I may be slightly more patient and more forgiving of Layla’s annoying traits (busy busy busy... that girl keeps me on my toes and she is into everything) and unphased by Meaghan’s dirty diapers, spit up and fussy evenings (it’s possible that her “singing” is much cuter to me than to others as well!) - I think I should try to remember that not everyone shares my perspective of my own kids. No matter how good I think they are, I should probably take a step back every once in a while... and try to see them (and myself) through other people’s eyes. I think the following 2 questions cover it – 1) Am I exaggerating the good stuff and 2) Am I making too many excuses for the bad stuff? The answer to both of those questions is probably “yes”, but what can I say... I'm their biggest fan!

I’m just a mom who loves her girls.



Jamie said...

Your girls are extremely lucky to have parents who can look past the little things. Unlucky are those kids who don't have parents as patient or as loving. But, you have a good point, it doesn't hurt to step back once and a while. Thanks for sharing and keeping us other moms real.

A. said...

I was just thinking that after I posted this. Thanks for the comment. A.

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