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"For everything there is a season" - right? Right. Well THIS season in my life seems to be all about re-discovering me, who I am, what I can do, what I want to do. This blog is a part of that. Attending a home-church is a part of that. My new exercise regime is a part of that. Trying new things is a part of that. One such new thing...

Some of the books on display for last night's party

I've recently decided to try my hand as an Usborne Books at Home Consultant. I discovered these AMAZING children's books when Layla was barely 6-months old and I hosted my very first "book party" (think Tupperware party but with a gazillion cool books for kids instead!). I love the books and I love "girl" nights so when my good friend (who's been a consultant for 3 years now) told me about a great deal to buy the start up kit I said to myself "why not? I'm on mat leave... I have a little extra time... I can do this". And although I obviously have a supervisor, when it comes to Usborne, I get to be my own boss, choose my own hours, decide how much time I'm willing to put in (which in turn will decide how much I get out of it).

So, after receiving my starter kit (hundreds of dollars of books at drastically reduced prices) a couple weeks ago and borrowing a bunch of other books from my supervisor - I officially hosted my first "book party" last night.

Looking through the books as I was preparing for the party totally takes me back to my childhood and gets me excited about the years to come with Layla and Meaghan. I don't remember a time in my life where I didn't enjoy reading and I hope to pass on that passion and interest to my girls. I also can't wait to do some of the arts & crafts or baking that I've been peeking at in Usborne's activity books. So much fun to come!

Layla was pretty excited about all the books set up in the living room...

So back to last night's book party...

Although I'm definitely new at it and I don't know everything there is to know about the books yet, I think it went really well. In terms of sales it was a HUGE success (thank-you, thank-you, thank-you to all my lovely guests!) I think a few of the girls are going to be hooked on the books! I also got the chance to re-connect with some people I haven't seen in YEARS. I'm convinced that motherhood gives you a whole new slew of things to connect on (ie. the 5-6 months post-partum hair loss... gross... I know!)

So far the best things about becoming an Usborne consultant are...

1. I get free books (huge benefit for my girls!)

2. I get to have regular girls nights (albeit eventually I hope it will be with ladies I don't already know... my friends can only buy so many books!)

3. I get to meet and connect with new people

The only down-side... I haven't worked out since Monday (and I was being so good...)! But I (and more importantly my girls) will have lots of new books to check out as soon as my order arrives... and I don't think a few days off will erase all the hard work from the last few months. Come on. Cut me some slack................ OK OK so maybe I have to cut me some slack too...



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