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Since Meaghan is fast approaching her 5-month birthday I'm a little late with this post.

Still - I want to share some of my favorites from the newborn photoshoot that we did 1 week after Meaghan was born (last April).

Meaghan Marie Rodgers (Born on April 25, 2009 at 8:30 p.m. - 8 lbs 2 oz)

The pictures were taken by Leino Olé (Esto-Image) - a very talented local photographer who works out of his studio in Saint Lambert, Quebec. Leino has shared in a lot of our most precious moments since shooting our wedding pictures in June 2004 (our wedding, my first pregnancy, Layla's newborn and 6-months pics, our Christmas 2008 family picture and now Meaghan's newborn pictures). He's also become a very good friend of ours.

Sisters - Meaghan and Layla (1 week and 2 years old)

His specialty is maternity and newborn pictures and he's really good at what he does (If you aren't sold on the few pictures I've posted here, you can check out more of what he does on his website at http://www.estoimage.com/).

Meaghan with her Dad - She got him really good while he held her for this series of shots...

As you may imagine - taking pictures of a newborn AND a two-year old is an interesting challenge... not to mention making a 1-week postpartum mom look somewhat "good" (!)

Smiling with my new little (happy to be holding her. happy to NOT be pregnant anymore!)

When we entered his studio on a cool spring morning, it was toasty and warm (this is mostly due to the fact that the little one ends up completely naked for much of the shoot!). There were lots of toys to entertain Layla while Brandon and Meaghan got set up for the first series of pictures. Leino made everyone feel comfortable and even complimented my shrinking figure (let's not even pretend that this was based on reality... as I was still sporting a fairly round belly and behind!)
Leino really took the time necessary - breaking for feedings and messes (...with no diaper, I got peed on at least twice and Brandon got a lovely mixture of both... a few times... poor Dad? ha! Let's just remember for a moment who had barely one-week earlier pushed out an 8lb + baby with NO epidural...).

The complete "Rodgers" family - Brandon and his girls!

Obviously we were thrilled with the results. Such precious moments... such precious pictures.
In years to come... it's the pictures that we have (like these) that will help to trigger the snapshots of our past that are/will be stored in my memory.
In years to come... I'd like to think that Layla and Meaghan will enjoy pulling out the "old" albums to look at the pictures that tell the story(ies) of our family... wondering what their parents were like before they were around... wondering what they were like "before" they can remember... and triggering some of the snapshots of moments that are still to come and that will one day make up our most precious memories... hmm...
I'm sure I'll be pulling out the old albums too.


Aimée said...

SUCH great pics. I'll have to drop by and see them all.

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