Fill the Deep Freeze!

It's been a long time coming.

A few years ago, we played around (pretty seriously) with the idea of buying a farm, raising beef cattle, lamb and wild boar and marketing to individual customers and restaurants in the Montreal area. Suffice to say, we never bought the farm or got into the "meat" business but it got us thinking of the possibility of buying our own meat (or at least some of it) straight from the source - and supporting local farmers.

First the beef.

It so happens that Brandon's cousin has started beef farming. He's working on the farm that's been in the family for many generations and his cows are grass fed (and antibiotics free). We decided this past summer to buy a cow. Since we had no idea how much meat this would actually mean... we split it with another family. You can read all about their experience in The Beef Chronicles - a series of posts on my friend Aimée's blog -Under the High Chair.

We're thrilled with the taste and quality of the meat... and we spent yesterday checking out the Richmond Fair... made some new contacts... and so now...

We've put in an order for lamb.
I realize not everyone is crazy about lamb meat and as I'm sure some of you are picturing a fuzzy little lamb - but the lamb we're buying isn't small and cute. We're supposed to be getting 70 lbs of meat!

Now... I don't consider myself a professional cook or anything but I know what to do with beef - it's familiar. Lamb on the other hand... I think I've only ever purchased it pre-seasoned from Costco and then cooked it on the BBQ. What the heck am I going to do with 70 lbs and a variety of cuts of this unfamiliar meat? I'm already looking for recipe ideas (picked up a couple recipe cards at IGA yesterday)... and if you know of anything that's simple and good, pass it on over!

Good thing we now have a deep freeze in the workshop! It'll be quite full when we pack 70 lbs of lamb meat in there with the 100+ lbs of beef we still have left to cook up...



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