365 days in a year...

Have you heard of a 365 project before?

The first I heard of this type of thing was when one of my husband's colleagues was going to take a picture every day for 365 days... cataloguing her year and exploring her interest in photography (I presume).

It has me thinking. What could I do for 365 days? What kind of venture could I undertake...?

The new movie "Julie & Julia" (which I haven't seen, but I think I get the idea from the previews) has Julie blogging about her experiences in the kitchen - cooking through Julia Child's cookbook - in 365 days... that's an interesting idea but quite the undertaking.

With my girls, my projects around the house and I have to think "possible", I have to think "realistic".

I could try the picture idea. It's totally doable and it would be very interesting to look back over a year's worth of daily pictures... and I could make a calendar for the following year (how practical!)

I love the idea of cooking (or baking)... but maybe it would be more realistic to try a "52" project... and try a new recipe every week. I could call it... "52 Thursdays" (or something wittier perhaps).

So... pictures? food? hmmm... what about exercise?

Or maybe there are lists out there (already thought up) that give you ideas of tasks to accomplish over 365 days?

The wheels are turning on this one. If you have any ideas for me... please share!



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