Opposites attract

Opposites attract.

I have a little trouble with this cliché/catch phrase. On one hand, I totally believe that it's true. I live it. Especially on the days where I look at Brandon and wonder... WE ARE SO DIFFERENT... how in the world did "we" happen? How did this man become the love of my life? On the other hand, I don't think the idea that opposites attract tells the whole story. The reason that Brandon and I "work" is because yes, we're different, but we're also very much the same... especially where and when it counts - at the core.

When I met Brandon in grade 10... He was the quarterback, the smart guy, tall-dark-handsome. He was popular and had a gazillion (girl!) friends. He was sarcastic and witty - challenging. I fell for him. I fell hard. It seemed simple enough at the time. The biggest reason I liked him probably being how much HE liked ME. HE was crazy about me (or at least made me feel that way). A guy who had dated so many girls but never stuck it out for more than a few weeks. He pursued ME. A guy who I knew the name of since the first week of grade 7... but who only "saw" me, "knew" me four years later... He was "in love" with ME. (hello!?!?)

That was 11 years ago now. A lot has changed since then. WE have changed since then. Graduating high school, going on to college together, heading to different Universities, developing new passions and interests, breaking up, getting back together, fighting (a lot... too much at times), making up, doing the long distance thing (ok ok... only for a few months!), buying our first place, getting married, pursuing more school, starting a career, buying our second place, pregnancy, quitting school (me), continuing more school (Brandon), another pregnancy, another home...

11 years ago I thought we were different. I thought it was things like I was more outgoing than he was. I was a little more eccentric or wild (and I'm really neither...). I could sing, he couldn't (it turns out he can carry a note or two). Funny. In the end he's often better at being sociable than I am and as for being wild... let's just say that 11 years ago I didn't know that he would one day start dragging me to reptile expositions and want to build a "pet" room in the basement!

Don't get me wrong. I would still say that we are very different and that our strengths (and weaknesses) compliment one another. HOWEVER.... I'm starting to see that we're actually very similar. At the core we are the same. When it comes to the important things in life. Faith. Family. Finances. (etc) we have very similar approaches, very similar hopes and dreams. I may still dream to star in Broadway one day (not even close to being on his list of things to do in this life) or to have a cottage on the water (I think he'd prefer a hobby farm) and we may not agree when it comes to decor or wardrobe decisions... but when it comes to how we want to raise our girls, how we want to handle our finances or what we believe... when it comes to our "world view" we are on the same page. I am certain that this is the glue (along with our insatiable attraction for each other!) that keeps us together... and happy at that.

S0 yeah, opposites attract. As long as you're the same in enough of the important areas (!) Or at least that's how it seems to work for me.


Our wedding day. Over five years ago now.


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