A.O.K "trial" Gourmet (12) Yummy goodness in a big glass bowl!

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Cream cheese, whipping cream & strawberries... Does it really get much better in the world of desserts?

This "Cheesecake Trifle" recipe was introduced to me by a friend (who is also known as the queen of desserts in our small circle) - Arlene Hills. Arlene has spoiled our taste buds with a variety of cheesecakes, mousses, home-made ice-cream... and dazzled us with her creativity and talent in the presentation of the desserts she prepares. From birthday cakes to mini-desserts - she's a dessert artist! (She's currently working on a web site to showcase some of her work and I can't wait to show you what she does).

As for me... I love and appreciate good food presentation - but I'm really not that good at it (my naturally low patience level may have something to do with that). But here's the great part about making a trifle - you can't make it look bad unless you TRY to make it look bad!

Not only is it incredibly EASY to make... it is a HUGE HIT at any party or get together. This trifle is light and fluffy, the perfect combination of creamy, fruity and sweet.

Trust me when I tell you that you won't need to worry about left overs! You'll secretly be hoping...

A few important "notes:

#1 - Although the original recipe gives instructions for making your own graham crackers, I just buy a box at the store and break them up to make the cracker layer - don't use graham cracker crumbs (like you would for the base of a cheesecake). Part of the goodness of this dessert is the cracker pieces soaked in cream and strawberry!

#2 - I actually use light cream cheese to make the filling - but I also double the filling part of the recipe.

#3 - If you have a little extra filling - make a couple small portions to share with your hubbie - he will love you forever!

#4 - Just because it seems light and fluffy... doesn't mean there's anything "light" about it!



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