A.O.K "trial" Gourmet - an introduction

A.O.K "trial" Gourmet is my very first series of posts related to a specific theme -FOOD!
The challenge... Try a new recipe every week for one year (or 52 weeks). Post a blog about each new recipe and rate the experience (easy to make? tasty or not? kid-friendly?)

Start date... Wednesday October 14

End date... Thanksgiving 2010
If you're new or just want to catch up with what I've been up to - here's a list of what I've made so far... (I'll continue to add recipes as I go so that the list is complete)
(1) Thanksgiving Extravaganza (sweet onion rolls & turPIGin turkey)
(2) Pumpkin spice Cake (so good... so so good... seriously - try this one!)
(3) Grilled Tuna & Asparagus (a la "Jamie Oliver")
(4) Raspberry/Apple Jam (my flop attempt at making jam this year...)
(5) A New Take on Banana Muffins (recipe includes Kellog's corn flakes!)
(6) The Lamb has Arrived! (Rosemary sliced leg of lamb)
Lamb and Red Beer Stew (well... more like "blond" beer stew)
Angelettis (the first of many cookie trials)
My not so traditional Christmas (Beef Rib Roast & trimmings)
What does one do with ground lamb? (Tagine of spicy kefta with lemon)
(11) Crock Pot Braised Lamb Shanks (a little undercooked but so tender!)
Yummy goodness in a big glass bowl! (Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle)
(13) Chocolate Espresso Snow Caps (Cookies that just melt in your mouth!)
I have Ramekins (Mini scallop casseroles)
(15) A little help on this one (Lamb kefta in PC's Rojan Josh sauce)
(16) Simplified Beef Wellington (courtesy of Jamie Oliver)
(17) Cranberry-Maple Sausage Chili (sweet with heat - a new fave!)
(18) & (19) Baked French Potatoes & Creamy Tarragon Chicken (Just add green beans...)
(20) Maple-Roasted Chicken Breast (we LOVE maple syrup!)
(21) EASY baked salmon (dinner in under 25 minutes)
(22) Veal Parmigiana (NOT a hit with my family, maybe yours?!)
(23) Not so spicy (follow the instructions Andrea!)
(24) Pancakes (& my first Kilimanjaro fundraiser!)
(25) Sloppy Joes (I kid you not... and they were super tasty!)
(26) Home-made pizza (so much easier than I expected...)
(27) Spinach and Lentil Soup (what a day!)


Carol VR said...

This is something I had vowed to do this year and though I've fallen off the bandwagon a couple of times... it's always great to try new recipes.

I'll be following your progress.

Feel free to check out my blog.

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