Back to Work: Balance?

Back to Work is a series of posts over at dedicated to the good the bad and everything in between for a mom (me!) returning to work following a year on maternity leave. Did you miss parts 1 and/or 2? Click here to read Already Time or First Day Back.

Part 3: Balance?
After having my first child, my response to people asking “So what does having a kid change?” was almost always a shrug followed by “…not that much actually”. Three years later, with a chatty toddler and a busy one-year old, my tune is starting to change. There are days when I wonder how and when my peaceful, organized life disappeared, leaving behind a noisy and chaotic race against time – with me trying to maintain at least the appearance of sanity and order.

There – the secret is out – I try very hard to look like I have it all together, but I am just like almost every other mom out there. I struggle to find balance and to meet all the different demands on my time – being efficient on the job, managing my home properly, spending important quality time with my husband and kids, fostering friendships, and taking care of me (mind, body and soul)!



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