Back to Work: First Day

Back to Work is a series of posts over at dedicated to the good the bad and everything in between for a mom (me!) returning to work following a year on maternity leave. Did you miss part 1? Click here to read Already Time.)

Part 2: My First Day Back

6:30 a.m. I am woken up by the sound of my 3-year-old daughter’s feet padding up the stairs to our bedroom. I do not dare move a muscle or open my eyes as I feel her looking up over the side of the bed. If I pretend I am sleeping, my husband will take care of her. One Mississippi, two mississipi, three mississ… “Layla, go pee”. I have tricked them both – or I have proven that I am more stubborn than my husband – either way, it worked! Brandon gets up to take her to the bathroom and stick her in front of the morning cartoons so we can catch another 20 to 30 minutes of sleep before the day begins. I fall back into a restless sleep.



This Mom said...

I enjoyed reading about your first day back, and chuckled when you mentioned lunch time. Isn't it great to eat a leisurely grownup lunch with the girls?

You're smart to get things organized the night before to avoid the morning rush...but then evenings seem so hectic! Suppertime is really the witching hour when your child(ren) want your attention, and want to eat, and don't realize that you can't meet both needs at the same time!

Good luck - I will stay posted!

A. said...

Evenings are definitely the "witching" hour. Even with my husband and i finishing work relatively early (around 4) and with almost no commute, the hours from arriving home to bedtime pass so fast.
Working part time has definitely helped to ease that... I can't imagine how hectic it is for people who were longer hours (daily) and more days a week. You do what you got to do I guess!

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