365...? Let's make it 52!

A few weeks ago, I wrote "365" - deliberating the idea of doing a 365 project (a la Julie and Julia). A picture every day, a series of new recipes, that kind of thing. Well - I've come to a decision. My first blog project is going to be called (drum role please...)

The challenge... Try a new recipe every week for one year (or 52 weeks). Post a blog about each new recipe and rate the experience (easy to make? tasty or not? kid-friendly?)

Start date... Next Wednesday (October 14)

End date... Thanksgiving 2010

I'm starting next week because this will take some planning on my part (and this week has been particularly hectic... who knew being home with the girls could be so BUSY). I'll have to select the recipes in advance, have the ingredients in my kitchen and (of course) have my camera on hand so that I can post pictures of the results for you to drool (or grimace) over. It's the kick in the butt that I need to mix things up in the kitchen (especially at dinner time) and try some new things. I'm no professional cook so you can be pretty sure that things will stay fairly simple for the most part. The title (A.O.K trial Gourmet) is really just for fun... there may be absolutely nothing "gourmet" about the entire year of recipes! (sigh) On the other hand, I may become a self-taught incredibly saught after chef! Yeah. Right.

Some of the types of recipes I'm thinking of blogging about...

- Apple-raspberry jam (for a jam-swap that's coming up... quickly)

- Cajun shrimp casserole

- Buttermilk and sweet onion roles (recipe curteousy of UTCH)

- Some sort of beef roast (thanks to the 1/2 cow in our freezer)

- Some sort of lamb chops (the lamb is coming soon...)

- cheese-cake (this one is for Brandon... and there may be several over the 52 weeks!)

And much much more.

Hope you'll join me for a year of A.O.K (trial) Gourmet and maybe even try out some of the recipes I'll be posting!



FoodieTots said...

Great challenge. Love the sound of the apple-raspberry jam, hope you do make it!

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