Happy Birthday Meaghan!

Dear Meaghan,

You're one today. You've grown and transformed in the last year - in the last six months - in the last week!

After experiencing almost all my "firsts" as a mother with your sister Layla, and knowing that you might be my last baby -  I was determined to enjoy and cherish your first year from the very moment you were born. And I have. Even when you were tiny and waking to eat in the middle of the night. Even when you were teething and almost inconsolable in the evenings. I have enjoyed being your mom. I have cherished my moments with you. My dear sweet Meaghie. I love being your Mom.

I spent a lot of time today thinking back to the day you were born. "At this time last year, my water just broke"... "At this time last year, we were dropping Layla off at our friends place"... And actually at this time last year (8:25 p.m.) you were just about to come into the world. As I write this, you are exaclty one year old. Cool!

When you turned 6 months old, I tried to capture some of what you were like in my post "Dear Meaghan". Reading it today, I'm amazed at how much changes in so little time. At six months old you were eating pureed squash and sweet potatoes, you were still nursing and refusing a bottle, you didn't have teeth and you were just starting to recognize your name.  

Since then, you've experienced your first snow, you first winter, your first Christmas. You learned to crawl (your funny little sideways crab crawl!). You got some teeth (6 for now). You started to drink from a bottle and now eat whatever we're having for dinner.

My baby girl is slowly transforming into a little girl!

So what are you like now?

You have an incredible little personality. Shy and serious at first, but once people spend a little time with you, the mask comes off and the Meaghan I know and love comes bursting out with giggles and coos, goofy gestures and squeals of delight.

At daycare they were pleasantly surprised at what a lovely, sweet and silly little girl you are. They thought you were all serious and hard to get to smile. I knew it was just a matter of getting to know you. Now I get nothing but "She's so funny", "She seems so much older than she is", "She doesn't let the boys get away with anything, she takes her place" (you're with 4 little boys at daycare)... They love you. But who wouldn't. You're adorable.

Your silly and you love to "play" - not just with your toys - at the dinner table you often pretend to feed me a piece of food and when it's almost in my mouth you pull your hand back and put the food in your mouth... and then smile your goofy smile as you try to trick me again.


As much as you're my "skinny" baby, you love to eat. It's very rare I have trouble with you at meal time... Except for breakfast. For some reason cereal is not high on your "i love it" list. Can't wait to feed you peanut butter on toast. I just know you'll love that.  

Though you hated the bottle for months and months, you've made the transition to bottles and cows milk without a problem. You're getting pretty good with a sippy cup too.

For some reason you put everything in your mouth. Rocks, pennies, candy wrappers, polly pocket toy accessories... I'm always fishing things out! 

In the last couple weeks you've become the fastest stair-climber in the house. If you see me coming you turn quickly into the bathroom and squeal as I catch you and pick you up.

You fight with your sister already. Whatever toy Layla has, you want. Whatever toy you have, Layla wants. Will it be like this for the next 16 years or so? *sigh*

With that said - you actually ADORE Layla. "la-la-la-la". The two of you are hilarious to watch when you play silly and "aggressively demonstrate your affection" for one another. Whether it's jumping on the bed, playing in the pack and play (which for some reason you both love), rolling around (literally) on the floor... the giggles and squeals give us a glimpse of things to come. We love it!  

You also ADORE your Dad. It's really special to watch how both you and your sister greet him when he comes home. Big smiles, happy screaming, "da-da-da-da-da".

You're still a little "moumoune" (soft, sensitive, quick to cry?) when it comes to tumbles and stumbles. Nothing a good hug and cuddle can't fix, but you're not quite as tough as your sister was. I see some tears on the horizon as you explore more outside and learn to go down the stairs.

You love "Raffy", the stuffed giraffe that you sleep with every night and for every nap. You might not have a soother, but you certainly need your Raffy to settle easily to sleep. We learned our lesson when we forgot Raffy at home a couple of weeks ago.

You're not walking - yet. Although you can walk beside me while holding only one hand, you have yet to take your first step. Will it be soon? I don't know. You just don't seem all that interested. Maybe you're just happy with your funny side-crab-crawl for now?!

My dear sweet Meaghan. Whether you're being cranky or being silly or just "being"... I love you. You're my baby and I've so enjoyed your first year. I thank God for you, the blessing that you are and I pray that He will keep you safe, healthy and happy for another year (and many more!).

Without wishing any time away (I'm so conscious now of how fast it goes by and how quickly the "baby" phase is over) - I look forward to watching you change and grow over the next few months... as you learn to talk and walk... as you color you first picture... and learn more about the world around you. 

I will treasure and appreciate it all and I will try my best to not take any of it for granted.

Happy Birthday Meaghan! 

Love, Mom xx  


Tracy said...

She is so sweet! Happy Birthday! Time flies so enjoy it while she is young! Take care :O)
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