6 months... already?

Yesterday was January 18, 2010 and it was my 6 month bloggiversary!

Someone told me that it takes about a year to get your first blog out there - to see if it's something that appeals to others... if you have an audience that extends past your supportive immediate family and close circle of friends. Now that I've been writing fairly regularly for 1/2 of that first year, it seems like it must be time to take stock.

If you look back to my very first post "my first time", I've written about most of the things that I set out to write about... sleeping through the night, my baby is smarter than yours, finding a hobby, recognizing the face in the mirror... and much more (including several on FOOD)! I have yet to find the right approach to topics like "jealous with a capital J" and "loving what he loves" - but it's coming. I promise!

Although this all started as a personal project, a creative outlet... and something to keep my brain cells stimulated while I nurse and coo at my sweet baby - it has quickly become something I not only really enjoy but an interesting learning experience. I'm discovering the world of blogging, twitter and a network of intelligent and accomplished mommy-bloggers who write beautifully and who for some - it's a full time job! (On a side-note here, I've been toying with the idea of doing a monthly post on some of the best mommy bloggers I've found so that some of you can see what I'm talking about... à suivre!)

If you check out my profile, you know that I have a background in communications and PR - I've attended some excellent workshops on social media - but this - this virtual mommy/ social media/ MACHINE (!) makes me feel like I'm completely inexperienced (or already a fossil - at 28!) in so-called communications and learning on the fly. On the bright side it's been a very unique opportunity for me to do some"professional development" during my year off work. Not bad for job love, huh?!

A lot of people have been really nice. Encouraging me, complimenting my writing style (excessive punctuation and all!) and best of all - telling me that they really enjoy the content - and that after reading my posts they're often left thinking "me too" and feeling a little less alone in the kind of stuff that they're going through. They relate to what I have to share - hearing this and getting feedback has been one of the best parts of the the whole experience.

Some people wonder why I write and what makes me think people even care what I have to say. To be perfectly honest with you, there is a part of me that hopes people care what I have to say or what I'm thinking about. There's a bigger part of me that does this for me. It's like a journal - tracking my thoughts, my experiences, my kitchen fumbles... special moments with my babies... It's also an outlet. A place for me to use my "voice", share with others - regardless of how few or how many there are reading. And in the end, it's become a hobby. Every once in a while I even try venturing away from the "compose" box that simplifies posting my stuff on the web in an attempt to figure CODE !!! Scary.

And now... with no idea how to close this off - I'm going to leave you with my favourite 10 posts from the last 6 months. You may not have read them, you may not agree... but here they are... in no particular order.

1. Dear Meaghan
2. Dear Layla
3. I was so sure I wanted boys
4. The Search for my very own hobby (or hobbies)
5. Raspberry/Apple Jam
6. A little teenage girl left in me
7. The moments we remember... and the ones we don't
8. Opposites Attract
9. Tuna Steak & Asparagus
10. Painting with Layla



Leino said...

with a number like "6-49"... i DO hope you bought a ticket!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,

Sean here (an old buddy of your hubby and Greg Thompson’s younger brother which may make me easier to place), we have met a couple of times over the years although I have lived in California for the past 7 so you may not remember me. Last week while home feeling under the weather I stumbled upon your Blog thanks to your Haiti donation post you left on Facebook. I began to read your Haiti post, then your "who am I post" and kept on going.

I found myself drawn to you stories and writing style (and occasional recipe!!) mostly because we share a common family life as well as many core Christian values and parenting techniques. I was the first out of my group of friends to get married and I too married at 22 years old after I moved out to California (not to my high school sweetheart but none the less the love of my life). We waited about 5 years before growing our family and were blessed with the birth of our son Connor born August 27th 2009. He is only 4 ½ months old but we have already shared many similar memories as you and Brandon have had with your 2 beautiful daughters.

I thought that I would write you to let you know that even though your Blog may be intended for the opposite sex I have really enjoyed reading about your take on life (marriage, children, pets, concerns and successes). Your Blog has opened up some interesting dialogue between my wife and I and has pushed me back into the gym (postings about your ultra fit husband may have contributed). Since Connor is still very little and we don’t have a toddler running around, my wife and I have been able to prepare two of your A.O.K “trial” Gourmet recipes together as a couple (they came out nicely and we enjoyed the time spent together preparing them).

I’m not sure if I am the first male to post a comment on your blog but I encourage other men to do the same, I can’t be the only one that enjoys your writing. Thank you for sharing so much of you life with us and hope that you continue to post once you return to work.

FYI … I think that “demoted” and “Oh Reggie…” deserve honorable mention on your top ten ;-)

Your New Fan,

Sean Thompson

A. said...

Leino - I know!! when I put the little "picture" together... I was first thining... oh too bad I didn't make it to 50... and then when I looked at the whole thing, I was like... 649... huh! Maybe I should've bought a ticket :-P

Sean- wow. I just want to say thank you for all of your very kind words!


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